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OxyGeneo Treatments


Exfoliate-Infuse-Oxygenate your skin all in 1 facial.

An innovative technology bringing nature’s healing powers to you. Inspired by natural hot springs which are known for inducing skin oxygenation. This process uses a Capsugen that interacts with our skin specific treatment gel and releases CO2 microbubbles on the skin creating creating a physiological response that increases oxygen to the area and optimizes nutrient absorption.

A combined Oxygen and medi-facial technology with regular facial treatment, offering a complete spa-like experience.


1 OxyGeneo facial – $99
Package of 5 OxyGeneo facials is $396
that’s 1 free facial (a value of $495)
Package of 10 OxyGeneo facial’s $792
that’s 2 free OxyGeneo facial’s (a value of $990)


The result is radiant, glowing skin with oxygen therapy for cell health, reduced pigmentation, firmer skin tone and improved skin texture.

This facial treatment is suitable for all skin tones.